And finally the moment I had been waiting for…

This past week marked several exciting milestones for me as well as my baby boy, Malcolm.   I celebrated my first ever Mother’s Day along with my son who officially turned 12 weeks old.  It  feels like it was just yesterday when my water broke and I was in a state of extreme panic!  Another significant moment that happened this week is my son officially Malcolm outgrowing his rock and play sleeper.  Time to give it up now because his feet are hanging out!  He is also pulling himself up and speaking in full on baby language in reaction to me and my husband, and given all of his growth spurts he is now wearing size 3-6 months, teetering closer to the older end of this size range.  This is no surprise given that he was a big boy at birth, 8lbs 15 oz to be exact!  Yeah, you can say it, WHOA.  Think of how I felt when the doctor held him up after the delivery.  LOL!

 All of these experiences are very surreal considering that it’s been a long journey for me to motherhood.  I’m so excited that I was able to celebrate being a mom for the first time and finally being able to join in a special day dedicated to me aside from my birthday or anniversary.  Mom, Mother, Mama, Mummy, no matter what you call your mom, I know becoming one myself has brought me the greatest joy and happiness I could ever imagine.  I feel invincible!  I have a renewed strength and purpose in my life.  There’s no other greater feeling than this, no greater accomplishment, no greater love. 

I’m so greatful and thankful to be a mom which is the very reason why I decided to start this blog to share intimate and funny experiences with my fellow sisterhood of mothers.   Whether you are a rookie like me or you have been at it for some time now, I think we will all agree that we can and deserve to call ourselves N.E.W. that is Nurturing, Extraordinary Women, who just happen to have the greatest job in the world – being a mom.  Cheers to moms everywhere!


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