Tendonitis? I thought the painful part was over!

For the most part I had an easy pregnancy. (Minus the heartburn, constant trips to the bathroom, lack of sleep due to not being able to get comfortable as my belly grew, etc…)  Sure I had to deal with massive fibroids and toward the final few weeks I was constantly questioning my doctor whether or not I would deliver naturally or via c-section because of this.  Never did I imagine that once my son was born that I would continue having pain issues.  I thought all of the hard stuff was over! 

 Approximately three weeks after being home with my son, I noticed a constant pain in my right wrist.  As it would subside after a while, my left wrist would start to hurt.  I shrugged it off thinking it was possibly after effects of the epidural (I asked for it immediately!) as well as the fact that I use a touch screen phone.  Once the baby was here, I was texting and emailing  baby updates and photos of the baby like wildfire  to friends and family so I figured my wrists were sore from holding the phone. When the pain continued I contacted my doctor who informed me that I had tendonitis brought on because of the swelling my body had experienced during the pregnancy. GREAT!  Now what?!!! 

Despite  my doctor’s instructions to take ibuprofen, ice my wrists 3-4 times a day, and wear a splint, the pain is still here and it is actually worse than before.  I share this with all of you in case you are experiencing similar issues.  Your doctor may even suggest physical therapy or cortisone shots.  While I’m not there yet with the shots (I hate needles!), I may be soon because I no longer want to feel this constant pain which I equate to someone lighting  my wrists on fire. 

Although having to deal with this pain is not my idea of a good time, when my son flashes that adorable toothless grin at me, I forget about it.  His presence in my life matters way more than any nagging body pain that I experience.  Plus, I survived 17 hours of labor you would think a little bit of tendonitis would be a walk in the park!


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