If the shoe fits…

Many things change in the midst of pregnancy and after.  Despite reading all of the pregnancy blogs and listening to my friend’s stories of what they went through after having their babies, I clearly have been in post delivery denial thinking that these very things would not or should I say could not possibly happen to me.

My love for shoes has been placed on pause for now.  Why you ask?  A little something called water retention perhaps?  Or could it be the late night brownies that used to be ok are no longer acceptable given that the baby is here now and I think all of the fat (ok a portion) has gone to my feet? 

I’ve gone from my size 7 to 7 1/2 and depending on the designer and/or cut of the shoe a size 8.  Today in particular was one of those difficult days….the infamous sale rack in the shoe department that not only had markdowns but today there was an additional 25% off the already reduced price!!!  I was so excited until I came back to reality and recognized that my feet just aren’t what they used to be and despite getting excited for that millisecond, I knew that the possibility of me walking away with at least one or two, or three (hey listen at these prices you just can’t beat it or walk away!) pairs was going to be next to impossible given that I felt like I had to force my foot into most of the shoes that I tried on while standing in front of the sale rack.

While I would have loved to have walked away with a hot pair of stilettos, I’m not interested in breaking my neck, not to mention at this stage in my life I’m all about comfort.  One day I will attempt to be brave enough to rock a pair of 3 1/2 inch heels or at least wear the sole pair of Jimmy Choos that I currently own.  Gasp!  I know, I had a diva moment a few years ago walking down Rodeo Drive!  Those days are over..for now.  LOL


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