Hurry and Collect Your Savings!

There’s nothing like getting a great shopping deal especially when it comes to purchasing clothes for your baby.  They grow so fast and before you know it, pajamas and onesies that were once baggy become form-fitting, or in my son’s case, they turn into baby muscle gear.  LOL

Growth spurts will cause price tags to remain on numerous outfits that were either gifts from the baby shower or the result of pre-baby shopping outings, which in my case there were a lot because I just couldn’t resist shopping for my little one even before he arrived!  For this very reason I’ve accumulated a large collection of size newborn-3 months clothes that my son sadly will never wear and they’re so cute!  They won’t go to waste however, I will definitely donate them. 

It’s great to be able to receive an additional savings on all things baby given how quickly they grow out of their clothes and diapers (The newborn size diapers didn’t last longer than 3 weeks on my son).  Be sure to check your store receipts for special offers toward future purchases, many times you will be required to fill out a short survey online which I say 5 minutes of your time is totally worth receiving a deal on your next shopping trip in return.  Just recently I shopped at Old Navy and because I filled out their online survey I will receive 10% off my next purchase.  Gap also offers a similar deal, however in this case its 20% off one regular priced item the next time I shop in their store.  Of course there’s always a catch, in both cases you must fill out the survey within 5 days after your visit, fill in the code you receive after completing the survey on the receipt and the percentage off is only valid if you shop in the store and cannot be used online or in their outlet locations.  Additionally you must ensure that you use the code within a certain amount of time because it does expire, in my case I have 3 months to redeem the codes I’ve received and if my son keeps growing the way he is, I will definitely be using the discounts within this time period. 

Another great access to savings is through store membership reward cards.  It’s definitely worth it to register for them, in most cases they are free and benefits include exclusive insider access to coupons, in-store events, and advance notice of upcoming sales.  Many times your purchases will accumulate points on your membership card that will be converted into store savings certificates, however beware, there will be exclusions as many times you cannot redeem them on staple items like formula, baby food and diapers.

Don’t forget to friend your favorite baby stores on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for even more news, collection updates and special offers.

Happy savings!


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