Shopping Trips with Baby – Part 2: Do I need a VIP Pass or Something?

It feels like just yesterday I had what I will call “elite access” when I shopped.  You’ll understand why as you read on. 

These days the addition of the stroller makes it difficult to navigate the store aisles, especially the tight spaces that are typically allocated to sale and clearance sections.  In the case of one of my really favorite stores it almost feels like the separate room where all of their sale items are located has gotten even smaller since I had my son.  Now they want to get organized and place the accessories, candles (one of my absolute favorite splurges!), and other items on wall shelves where it is virtually impossible to pass through the space between them and the clearance racks that they’ve placed in front of this area.

It is incredible how quickly fellow shoppers seem to band together to shut me out as I approach with the stroller.  I can hear the teeth sucking and groans as I approach and as I get even closer I receive glares and annoyed looks as if they’re saying “Don’t even think of coming over here getting in our way with that stroller!”  I don’t understand it; don’t I have as much of a right to access the sales and great deals?  Why should I be shut out because I’m traveling with my son and his ride?  I say we band together as new and existing moms and exert our influence to encourage stores to keep us in mind when designing their floor layouts.  Stores should be just as accommodating to parents with strollers as much as they were before we were pushing our little ones through their doors.


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