Shopping Trips w/ Baby – Part 1: Oh No, Do I Smell Poop?

As a new mom I’ve changed so many diapers at this point that I sometimes think Eau de Toilette  #2 is stuck in my nostrils.  Given that my son accompanies me on my errands, as much as I would like to think it is my imagination, quite often it isn’t and I’ve come to know this “brand new funk” quite well.  LOL 

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve just left home where the baby has been fed and changed, you arrive at the mall or boutique, you’re ready to get your shopping groove on but all of a sudden your baby makes it very clear that there are other plans in store for you.  Special delivery Mommy!  May Day! May Day! What do you do now?  Don’t even think you can ignore it and continue to shop because not only are you polluting everyone else’s air and assaulting their nostrils, your child is sitting in what I refer to as “pudding butt.”  If your baby is like my son, you will observe a glazed over look in their eyes, a very zen demeanor, which is amazing given what they’re sitting in.  The best and funniest experience to date is a smile and laughter from my son following his “fragrant package delivery.” 

 The infamous #2 of course seems to happen at the very moment during a shopping trip when you have found that one item that you can’t pass up, whether it be in the shoe, handbag, or clothes section.  Or as of late, I’m holding a bunch of clothes headed to the fitting room (all the while hoping that there is a dressing room large enough to fit me, the stroller, and my pile of clothes — let’s not even begin to discuss whether or not any of the clothes I have to try on are going to fit  but hat’s a conversation for another day).  Of course I’m experiencing a number of concerns at this point – does this store have a restroom I can use?  If not, where is the closest one?  Will the bathroom be clean? Is there a family restroom?  Most importantly, is there a changing table?  All of these questions are running through my mind like the ticker on CNN– all while I’m hoping I can get this stinky diaper off my son without him putting his feet in it or of course, peeing on me.

In the case of what I call the “boiling water” fart I have learned to have my diaper bag armed with paper towels and very thick diaper wipes because you don’t want to get any of that on your changing pad even if it will just wipe off, that stuff holds a scent and you don’t want it traveling with you.  Having a few spare outfits is key as well in the event that the “package” is not kept contained in the diaper.  Fun times!  LOL


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