Are Kid’s TV Shows Taking Over Your Life?

While having brunch with a very dear friend today, she asked me “What are some of your favorite TV shows lately?”  It’s funny because I looked at her and I had to really think about it.  The Sprout Channel, Disney Junior, Nick Jr. and PBS Kids have officially taken over me and my husband’s life. I can literally recite every word to the theme song for Thomas and Friends, Caillou, and Super Why. And don’t even get me started on the Mickey Mouse CLub “Hot Dog” Song. LOL

    It really took me a moment to figure out what adult television shows I watch, let alone even have time to watch.  It’s funny, before having my son I always said I would never be a parent who would allow their child to watch a lot of television.  There are A LOT of things you say and commit to when you don’t have kids yet – life is very funny that way. But once you realize that a very active, almost two-year old will actually calm down and sit for the amount of time it will take for you to fix dinner and/or tidy up the house, letting him watch a little bit of tv isn’t so bad. I’m not saying the TV should babysit children, but I have no problem with a little assistance from quality television programming that can allow me to get some things done as long as it also helps reinforce ABC’s along with counting skills and vocabulary. Wait till my son finds out mommy won the 5th grade spelling bee – oh what he will have to live up to. 🙂

    It seems like overnight I have welcomed Thomas, Percy, Edward, James, Emily, Gordon, Henry, Toby, and Sir TopHat into my life.   Somehow I have become more excited about seeing what adventures Thomas and his friends are going to get into than my son.  I even went a little overboard during the holidays with the Thomas toys. I admit that I am anxious for him to grow out of the Thomas the Train stage and move onto the next character, but I know once he does I will be sad because it will be yet another indicator of how quickly he is growing up. 

    So thanks to whoever came up with the DVR concept because once baby boy is asleep for the night, I am able to watch someone other than Thomas and enjoy adult TV. Just hoping Thomas doesn’t start appearing in my dreams, then we will have a problem.


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