Hanging Out with The Berenstain Bears!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to see one of my most memorable and favorite childhood stories and characters come to life thanks to the “Berenstain Bears Live in Family Matters the Musical.” Hosted at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center just a hop skip and a jump from Columbus Circle and Lincoln Center, I embarked on a fun family journey with my husband and son to see the beloved bear family that lives in their treehouse in Bear Country.   

The hour-long play (just enough time to keep young audiences engaged and attentive) follows the many life experiences and situations faced by Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Brother Bear, and Sister Bear along with an additional cast of family members and acquaintances.  The story is highlighted by valuable lessons shared through music and dialogue during which Brother Bear and Sister Bear are taught the importance of eating healthy as well as living an active lifestyle, being prepared for school, sportsmanship, not talking to strangers, and being honest. 

The show brings the experiences kids may be used to reading about in the Berenstain Bears book series to life in a unique and fun way.  At the end of the show, all kids in attendance are able to have their pictures taken with the cast and also become honorary cubs by having their faces painted. Sadly my son was tired and didn’t want to wait in line so we unfortunately missed out on this part of the experience.

I really appreciate having the opportunity to see the show because now when I read the books with my son, he recalls seeing the characters he’s grown to love as much as I did at his age come to life during the musical performance.

For more information about the show visit http://www.berenstainbearslive.com.


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