WELCOME!  Babynistadiaries was created just shortly after my first son was born.  Initially I wanted to share the intimate, funny experiences, reflections, and lessons learned from the perspective of a N.E.W. (Nurturing Extraordinary Woman) Mom.  While there were many great adventures to share as I embarked on my journey into motherhood, I also wanted to share how my interest in fashion and creating designer looks for less within my own wardrobe also now included doing the same for my son.

Fast forward five years and the birth of my second son inspired me to return to the blogosphere and dedicate more time to sharing additional fashion/shopping tips, great deal finds, and other interesting parenting tidbits on a more frequent basis. .

Let me add my disclaimer now by clearly stating that I’m not a baby expert nor claim to be one; however, I have a lot of fun sharing learnings and discoveries  from my personal motherhood journey with fellow moms and dads which I sincerely hope you will enjoy.

Babynistadiaries is a PR-friendly blog and I am open to working with brands and/or services who would like to partner with me to reach expectant, new and existing parents. Please feel free to contact me regarding product reviews, giveaways, and sponsored posts.


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